Frequently asked questions and answers

Will I be able to obtain credit again?
Yes you will, once you are Debt free, however during the period when you are under debt review, you
will not be able to obtain credit as the point of the process is to help you get out of debts and this can
only be achieved by breaking the habits of more debt.
Will going under debt review affect my credit record?
When you apply, a notice is sent to the creditors and credit bureaus. This is for your own protection
as it will stop you from obtaining more credit but at the same time, your creditors cannot proceed with
legal action against you.
Will being under debt review affect me when applying for a new job.
It will in fact be a positive thing, as it is viewed as you the client having taken a positive approach in
getting rid of your Debt, Debt review also falls under the national credit act and it is against the law to
decline a candidate from any job due to their debt review status.
How long will I be under debt review?
This will depend on your personal debt repayment plan. Your repayment can be between 24 to 60 month
Can my creditors take any legal action against me?
They cannot for as long as you stick to your monthly obligations and do not default unless it is for a valid reason in which case proof may be required.
I have heard many negative stories about debt review, some people have said that they ended up in worse positions then they were previously in, is this true?
Yes sir what you heard is possibly correct, however I assure you that these were most probably the results of termination due to non payment, Important to remember is that this process falls under the national credit act, and was designed to protect consumers, therefore any negativity from this, is probably a result of clients who have not been sticking to their side of the arrangement,
I Have accounts that I am listed for, Can you help with these?
Yes, we can. We here to help. Accounts that you have been, listed for, we will make arrangement with the debt collector. Sometime, they will allow the account to be included in the debt review, other time the arrangement will be outside of debt review. We will make provision for such account payments in your living expenses.
I am married in community of property; do I need my wife’s permission?
Yes you will need your spouse’s permission, however with your permission; we can contact your spouse and explain the benefits to her, as it will affect the entire household’s finances positively.
I have applied for Debt review before, however I have not gone ahead with it, however I was told that I am registered at the credit Bureaus with this company, now I want you to help me, what do I do.
You can provide us with the name of the company and we will obtain a transfer letter for you from the previous Debt Counsellor. This can take longer than a normal debt review application.
Do I pay for this service?
Sadly, we have cost to cover in order to help you. But there is now fees payable upfront and all fees is included in your personal debt repayment plan. The fees is also, clear stated on the application form.