About Us

Founded in 2008, Consumer Credit Counselling is a registered debt counselling agency, regulated by the National Credit Regulator.

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Consumer Consumer Credit Counselling was founded in June 2008 by Angelo Brown and provided consultancy services to debt counsellors and credit providers on the debt review process.

By August of 2008, the business was transformed into a debt counselling agency after it was found that there is a growing need for experienced debt counsellors to assist over-indebted consumers.

We achieved this by providing a professional service to our consumer, by dealing with their personal debt problems.

We are Registered with the National Credit Regulator and comply with the all guideline set out by the Regulator.

Our team of profession staff has experience in Consumer Education, Debt Collection process and legal procedures assuring you of the best possible advice when dealing with your debt problem.

Angelo Brown, the founder, was employed by the National Credit Regulator and was part of the team working on the debt counselling process before the inception of the National Credit Act.

We offer A Free, No Obligation Debt Assessment to determine what would be the best Debt Solution for your personal circumstance. We work with you thought out the process and to work out a repayment plan that will GET YOU OUT OF DEBT.